MUST Watch: Horror Noire is Now Streaming on Shudder

Watch HorrorNoire a horror documentary and learn the history of black horror. It's only February and have already released what looks to be the best documentary of 2019! Horror Noire is an informative, entertaining and important film about the history of black horror films. From the 1800's to present day, and its impact on Black America at large. Totally brilliant! 

Created and produced by a website dedicated to the studies of the representation of the Black scream queen (the Black women) unique experiences in horror and science fiction films.  They also explore representation of Black women and their achievements, and creative works in the horror and science fiction genres. 

This horror documentary is tremendous and fun history of Black horror that is required viewing for any cinephile. Head to and watch it now.

Visit and take a look a their other horror portraits 28 Days Of Black Women In Horror,

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