We Love You Rest In Power : Legendary Rapper DMX Earl Simons Has Passed / Le Legendaire Rappeur DMX Est Mort

When I hear the news break regarding his condition first reported by his manager last Friday I prayed but did entertainment much hope. Today this news comes as devasting even if this outcome was expected, never before the death of a rapper have touched me since late Tupac, Nipsey Hussle saddened me, but this one feels a little bit personal.  It's with a heavy heart we accept that Earl DMX Simmons has joined the ancestors, this article will make an attempt to capture and describe late rap icon life.

A Life & A Legacy

Arduous Beginning 

Considered one of hip-hop’s great superstars during the late ’90s. The New York rapper
was taken off life support days after suffering a heart attack, according to a statement released by his family on Friday, April 9, 2021. At only 50 years old.

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Born in the New York suburb of Mount Vernon in, New York, on December 18, 1970. Son of Joe Barker, and Arnett Simmons both parents barely out of high school. His father Joe didn’t want Simmons’s mother, to keep the pregnancy, and cut off almost all contact with the family after their son's birth. 

Simmons was raised alongside his five sisters in Yonkers, a city north of the Bronx. Allegedly suffering physical abuse by his mother and her boyfriends, lead the young man to be partially raised in children’s homes. During that time he took his stage name from an Oberheim DMX drum machine in one of the homes, meaning also Dark Man X other interpretation also 'Divine Master of the Unknown.

Simons spent time in the juvenile detention center, and then prison as an adult, for a series of crimes including carjacking – “jail was a playground,” he later said – 

He struggles with drug use that began at age 14, which was given to him by his mentor at the time.

A Life Of Premiere and Extraordinary Achievement 

We go back to and beyond to take look at one of the most beloved and vital legends to the culture. DMX got his start in the music industry at age 14, in 1984, when he beatboxed for Ready Ron.  his life will be one of many first made of trials and triumphs, confusion following a return to greatness. 

Un  chemin semé d'ambûche, une  vie faites de turbulation mais aussi, de triomphe, et de Gloire.

His first appearance, The Source‘s Unsigned Hype column in 1991, and later recorded two demo tapes, “Unstoppable Force” and “Three Little Pigs.”  a deal signed with Columbia Records in 1992 lead  to the  released of his debut single “Born Loser.” The single didn’t work well and eventually, the deal with  Columbia faltered, got him released from the label.

A deal signed later with Def Jam in 1997, got the release of his debut single Get at Me Dog in 1998.  Following his fulgurant unpredicted success, DMX will later help saved  Def Jam all by himself. 

DMX scored five US No 1 albums, featuring hip-hop anthems such as Party Up (Up in Here), What’s My Name? and X Gon’ Give It to Ya 


The Consecration / La Consecration 

The troubled and abusive childhood that saw him living in a children's home was later expressed in his tortured, candid lyrics about ghetto life. Lead him, being with a lucrative record company and lifestyle brand in Ruff Ryders, and more than 75 million album sales.

Releasing 5 albums, first artist to score five US No 1s  on the Billboard 200  

First, one  It's Dark And Hell Is Hot, which led to comparison of the late rapper Tupac Shakur due to his vocal presence.  Following  Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood – were released in 1998 and quickly went multi-platinum,   made him the first living rapper to release two No 1 albums in the same year. Then came ..And Then There Was XWith the 2003 album Grand Champ, DMX exceeds all expectations, then  DMX became the only musical artist in history to release five consecutive albums that debuted at number one. They went platinum in the same year and received both critical acclaim and commercial success.

Aaliyah ft DMX Back In One Piece 

DMX was nominated for three Grammy awards, including best rap album for 2001’s …And Then There Was X, and feature on tracks by Aaliyah, LL Cool J, and more. 

Then continues from success to major success, which began a period of much-admired performance in front of an estimated 200,000 people at the notorious Woodstock festival in 1999.  

Simmons was credited with bringing fresh storytelling and rawness to the “gangsta rap” scene of the 1990s. 

The Movie Career 

After a career in music well established, The legend sought to expand his talent to other mediums. He paved his way as an actor, with starring roles in movies like Belly and Romeo Must Die, alongside Aaliyah. To which he dedicated a touching tribute.  He quickly became a film star appearing in Last Hour in 2006, He also starred in the BET reality tv  DMX: Soul of a ManExit WoundsCradle 2 the Grave, and more. In 2003 he published his memoir E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX.

Struggle and following soon return to Glory

With more money comes more problems, It's easy to forget the highs because of his lows. DMX has, for example, been to jail many times in his life. In 2008 he received jail sentences and also in 2010. Prosecution for tax evasion followed in 2018, for $1.7m in unpaid taxes. Charges against him vary—from drug possession to robbery to probation violation and everything in between. He's struggled with an addiction to crack cocaine.  His later resurgence in the media is a 2019 interview with GQ magazine when he opened up about jail time and why he will not make mainstream music.


He began to rebuild his career and continue gaining momentum by providing guest vocals, on LL Cool J's 4, 3, 2, 1, and Mase's 24 Hours To Live. This is also the return to work with a precedent album  Year of the Dog.. Again in 2006. The next years 2013 to 2021 see the release of his latest effort Undisputed in 2012 and a Def Jam Reunion.

Giving Back

With all his success did not let him forget his rough beginning or where he came from. He contributed to many philanthropy works, and giving back to those that give to him, whether by supplying school supply or donation to the church.


He played himself in a beloved 2015 episode of ABC’s 
“Fresh Off the Boat,” prompting praise from Eddie Huang, 


A family man

DMX had tumultuous relation with ex-wife Tashera Simmons,  now their relationship has gotten better with time. As he remains her best friend, together they have 4 children.


DMX propose to current girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom in 2019 at their son birthday.


Earl DMX Simmons's honest delivery and humility lead him to become one of the most beloved figures in hip hop. There Will Never Be Another You, an another DMX.

Performing in front of people is beyond a high. It's beyond a high that any drug could duplicate. Just being onstage, period, and knowing that there's so much love out there. I pray before I go onstage with everyone in the room. And I end my show with a prayer onstage. And I'd say maybe 65 percent of the time that I get offstage, I'm so emotionally overwhelmed, I just break down. Sometimes it's leaving the stage, it's just like, “Get me to my dressing room. I don't want people to see me like this.” I just take a minute for myself and just, I thank Him, I praise Him. And I'm like, “Thank you, thank you.” I'm like, “Who am I to deserve this?” We all bleed the same blood.


Fans, family, and friends expressed their condolences for the hip-hop genius across social media in lieu of the devastating news.

Following confirmation of his passing from his family, tributes began pouring in for the star, with fans, colleagues and even politicians remembering his music and his kind demeanor. Many media report the news like  APnews, Revolt, The Ringer. As well many black traditional media like BET, Essence Magazine, and here celebrating his mark on fashion. confirms the status of the Rap icon's influence
on the world.

On Friday, producer Swizz Beatz, a longtime collaborator, shared a video of the rapper  singing “Fame,” the theme song popularized by Irene Cara: “I’m gonna make it to heaven, light up the sky like a flame.”




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