Where to find Caribbean culture year-round / Où trouver la culture caribéenne toute l'année

Canada is ready to party as Caribbean Carnival and festivities make a comeback.  After two years of hiatus due to pandemic-related reasons, whether you’re going out with friends, family, or to a party, there will be something fun for everyone to enjoy.

Caribbean Tales Film Festival

This Black-owned and led registered charity has been working toward inclusivity in Canadian media for over 16 years. It focuses on connecting multiethnic communities through education and workshops, running a Creators of Colour Incubator, and providing a platform to showcase Black filmmakers. 

The CaribbeanTales Film Festival takes place every September and celebrates the talents of Black filmmakers of African and Caribbean descent. This year, CTFF takes place Sept. 7-23.

Toronto Black Film Festival

The Toronto Black Film Festival is held every February as a part of Black History Month activities. The festival highlights the best in Black filmmaking and creates a space to discuss cultural, social and socioeconomic issues. Here, unique voices within the independent film industry can explore their own culture while educating the wider Canadian community. The program features filmmakers of African, Caribbean and African Canadian descent.

Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival / Caribana


Little Jamaica Sinting Fest 

Designated an Ontario Heritage Site last year, Little Jamaica is the cultural hub of reggae music, Caribbean cuisine and Caribbean culture in TO. Which means that many of the stores, restaurants and businesses will get support to help curb the effects of gentrification and the pandemic. 

When Caribbean migrants arrived in Toronto, many settled in the Eglinton Avenue West area, and it soon gained the title
 as the cultural hub of reggae music, Caribbean cuisine and Caribbean culture in the city. 

Reggae and soca filled the streets,  during the ’80s the community’s glory years: grocery stores carried yams, plantains and bammy from home, and you could get hair products that were unavailable elsewhere in the city. Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff are among the famous musicians that have visited here, strolling what is now called “Reggae Lane.”

Little Jamaica and. Black Business and Professional Association will present Sinting Fest, from Aug. 26-28, a family-friendly celebration of Jamaican music, vendors, dance and, of course, food. This electric avenue is the essential Toronto destination for a taste of the islands.

The Sinting Fest is an important event for the Black community and Toronto as a whole, the festival help bring awareness and support to the Little Jamaica community,while also help encourage diversity and an inclusive, multi-cultural ethos in Toronto. 

Additional activities include a Black business expo, children’s activities, cooking demonstrations from top Caribbean chefs, and a variety of local vendors. The three-day festival is aimed at revitalizing the Little Jamaica neighborhood while sustaining the culture and businesses on Eglinton West.

The Little Jamaica initiative and events play an important role in preserving and celebrating cultural diversity in the city of Toronto and Canada as a whole.

For more on the Sinting Fest visit thelittlejamaica.com/events or bbpa.org/littlejamaica/  page. 

Upper Echelon Events 

Looking for more the company Upper Echelon got your back with an exciting list of events 

All the events list Here and Here

End the Summer on Labour Day Saturday on the best boat cruise in the world! The only thing better than a Summer day party...is one on a boat! with the best DJ's expect good energy and unmatched vibes.
Reggae. Soca. Afrobeats. Outside energy. Beautiful people. 

Date and time
Sat, 3 Sep 2022, 7:00 PM –
Sun, 4 Sep 2022, 12:00 AM EDT

Tickets at: EventBrite

Date and time

Sun, 28 August 2022

6:30 PM – 11:00 PM EDT

Plantain Festival

Canada’s best Afro-Caribbean Music Festival is back!! The festival brings together multiple communities (African, Caribbean, Latin & Canadian) through the power of music, food and culture. Finally, a music festival with our music, our flavour and our vibes at a beautiful open-air venue! 

Why is the festival named PLANTAIN? Because no matter where you grew up or what you call it, everyone loves plantain! Come through for something sweet.

Tickets at UpperEchelon.ca or WeLovePlantain.com and Evenbrite


Sat Aug 28 | 3-10PM | Fort York

Afro Fun!! Camp De Jour/ Day Camp, Montreal

The Afrofun group offers, among other things, young people, mainly African, varied experiences through activities focused on the culture of origin and Afrocentric values ​​while promoting a connection with the culture of Quebec and that of Canada.

The Afrofun group encourages, mainly young people, to increase knowledge about their culture of origin through various activities.

Provide stimulating activities focused on the culture of origin of African people.


Le groupe Afrofun offre, entre autres, aux jeunes, principalement africain des expériences variées à travers des activités axées sur la culture d’origine et des valeurs afrocentrées tout en favorisant un maillage avec la culture du Québec et celle du Canada.

Le groupe Afrofun encourage, principalement les jeunes, à accroître les connaissances sur leur culture d’origine par le biais d’activités diverses.

Faire vivre des activités stimulantes axées sur la culture d’origine des personnes Africaines

For more info visit: Afrofun.com

Afro Museum/Musée, Montreal

Africa and its heritage have been present in Canada for a long time. What has been missing is something that bears witness not only to its presence but, also, to its history, its vibrant, living culture and the remarkable people it has produced. e wait is now over: the Afromuseum will bring it all together and share the wealth with everyone. 


 The Afromuseum will be a living museum that is accessible, mobile and multi-faceted. A welcoming space, it will feature cultural and intercultural activities; research and reference opportunities; and an online plaform that researches, informs, shares discoveries and gives a voice to young afro descendants, as well as to all witnesses of Africanness in all its forms. 

Museum Mission and Role / 

Recognize and raise knowledge not only of Africa, Africans and afro descendants but, also, the multiple ways in which their cultures and robust heritage continue to feed and inform numerous cultural expressions throughout the world. To increase and connect people from both here and the African continent. 


Work with organizations that drive to spotlight Africa, Africans and the afro descendants in our communities as well as the contributions they have all made to our society and culture. 


Through its mission and activities, the Afromuseum seeks to contribute to the following social objectives: 

Raise the visibility of the African community and the cultures that have sprung from it. 

Promote experts; craftsmen; artists; collectors; records of memory; and others steeped in African and afro-descendant cultures along with their collaborators whatever their origins. 

Foster positive, egalitarian and informed exchanges between Africans and other communities. 

For more visit : Afromusee.org

Credit: Toronto Caribbean Festival 
Credit: Upper Echelon, Little Jamaica 

Pics from: Afromuseum.com, afrofun.com, caribana.ca 

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