Our Story


KREYOL Magazine is Canada premier Panafricanist subscription and newsstand-based, luxury lifestyle publication. Offering an insider’s guide to the most of the Kreyol world culture, Kreyol Magazine is the fashion and cultural source for women and the rest of the Kreyol world.

A magazine that portrays the Kreyol culture and powerful heritage in ever pioneering ways. Creative editorial featuring international and locally relevant trends and taste maker relative to the Kreyol world culture, with this most innovative interpretation and manifestation of this heritage, in relentlessly ingenious ways. KREYOL magazine inform and enrich their life, touches issues that concern them. 

KREYOL Magazine offer a sophisticated combination, covering the finest, in the worlds of fashion, beauty, family, arts, politics, business, culture, philanthropy, society and lifestyle report. Kreyol magazine vision is to help with intelligent, in-depth writing, mindful original curated fashion and lifestyle content that is, accessible, sophisticated, elegant and provocative.

Founded and led by                                             Magalita Casnada, Editor in Chief / Creative Director
A very cool editorial team                                                              Magalita Casnada, Editorial Director
                                                                                                                Magalita Casnada, Art Director                                                                                                                  Magalita Casnada, Style Editor
                                                                                      Magalita Casnada, Content and Social Manager
                                                                                                      Magalita Casnada, Staff Photographer
                                                                                                      Magalita Casnada, Editorial Assistant