Seeking Aline: The Supernatural Powers of the African Joan of Arc, Premiere at Longshots Festival

The supernatural powers of the African Joan of Arc

Rokhaya, a film student in Switzerland, returns to her home in Senegal to make a film about Aline Sitoé Diatta, her ancestor, who is a symbol of resilience and freedom and was believed to have the magical power to bring the rain. Throughout her research, which consists of interviews with local personalities, several casting sessions, discussions with her team, and fictional scenes shot on location, we discover the compelling story of a fascinating hero of our times.

Seeking Aline by Rokhaya Marieme Balde – Senegal, 27 min 

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The teenage girl who changed the world 

In this conversation, young filmmaker Rokhaya Marieme Balde tells Longshots Festival why she returned to her home in Senegal to make a film about Aline Sitoe Diatta, an inspiring historical figure with a surprising background, who happens to be her ancestor.

See here, her interview at Longshots where she explains the making of the movie.

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