Majors Networking Extravaganza in Mtl: Journée de l'emploi Laval! ​/ Laval Job Day Fair, Startup Montréal 2023 / Mtl Career Fair and Training Expo

Startup Montréal: Igniting the Spark of Entrepreneurship

Majors networking extravaganza is happening in Montreal and Quebec province's first  Montreal Career Fair and Training Expo, on September 6th. following the Job fair of Laval on 21 September and many similar happening in other cities in the province. Later the the start-up mass  8th edition on October  5th to help forge business Connections and Friendships.

Startup Montréal wants to unveil the entrepreneurial spirit of many hidden treasures by Showcasing Innovation with Startup Exhibitions and Demos. Helping new entrepreneurs navigate the Startup Journey. From ideation to execution, the startup journey is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride. Get ready to delve into sessions that unveil the intricacies of this journey. Learn about product development, securing funding, market validation, and the art of pivoting when the unexpected arises. The Startup Montréal segment is your gateway to embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, and this grand mass is there to prove it.

Montréal's Startup Ecosystem: A Beacon of Innovation

Montréal has emerged as a fertile ground for startups, thanks to its vibrant culture and supportive environment. This event is your backstage pass to witness the birth of groundbreaking ideas, the evolution of disruptive technologies, and the chance to interact with the brilliant minds driving these ventures.

Navigating the Laval Job Day Fair: Your Pathway to Professional Success.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of career exploration and entrepreneurial inspiration? The Laval Job Day Fair and Startup Montréal 2023 are gearing up to provide you with an experience that's as exhilarating as it is insightful. Whether you're seeking new job prospects, aiming to expand your professional network, or eager to dive into the dynamic world of startups, this event promises to be a treasure trove of knowledge and connections.

Dive into Laval's Vibrant Job Landscape.

Laval is not only a picturesque city but also a bustling hub of diverse industries. As you step into the Job Day Fair, brace yourself for a panoramic view of opportunities spanning technology, healthcare, finance, and more. From established giants to emerging players, employers from various sectors will converge under one roof, eager to connect with talented individuals like you.



  •  From Sept 21th, 2023 10:00 - 17:00 EDT /Centre de congrès Palace
  • Tickets \ Tarif régulier  via EventBrite : Free / Gratuit

Startup Montréal Mass

  •  From OCt 5th , 2023 17:00 - 20:00 EDT /Arsenal  until Oct 2th  / Le Monastère (église St-Jax)
  • Tickets \ Tarif régulier : via EventBrite Free / Gratuit

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