Ashanti Celebrates Her 'Unique' Name with New Kids' Books. More celebrity Children Books Kelly Rowland & Linsey Davis

Celebrating her 20 years in the business with a bang after conquering the music sphere. Grammy-winning artist and actress, Ashanti is now venturing into the literary world, as a published children’s book author. Ashanti spoke with many news outlets like People magazine and Knockturnal about her first kid’s book, “My Name is a Story.” and what it means to her.

Inspired by her own struggles growing up. The book  My Name Is a Story — is illustrated by Monica Mikai and published by Harper Collins Children's Book, is especially close to Ashanti's heart. She says she first realized the importance of reading when she worked at a daycare center run by her grandfather back in high school.

"I didn't get bullied and beat up, but it was always maybe a little giggle, maybe a little, 'Well, why is your name like that?'  "I was fortunate enough to have a mom that genuinely encouraged me and taught me very early that my name is beautiful," she told the magazine.

Ashanti expresses, that the book It’s about empowering kids to be confident in the fact that you may have a unique and different name.”  She hopes to encourage children to appreciate and celebrate who they are and the history behind their name. The singer shares as well some upcoming news on a private level, She plans on having children of her own soon, Even has some baby names picked out lately. On an artistic level, Ashanti currently has a new rom-com movie in the works called The Plus One, she worked in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes.

You can view and purchase the book at Chapters and Amazon


Grammy Award–winning artist Kelly Rowland and educator Jessica McKay have crafted a lyrical celebration of working moms everywhere and a soothing story for their children. The story focus on the relationship between a working mother and her young son. As a mother gets ready to go to work, first she works on building a stable environment for her child. Because it can sometimes be hard to be separated during the day, Mom collects some simple words that she and her child can repeat whenever they are missing each other or feeling overwhelmed.

The singer—who previously co-authored Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out and Wonder What the #*$& Just Happened —spoke to her excitement about the new children’s book, saying in a news release: “Jessica, Roda and I are thrilled to announce our first children’s picture book which celebrates modern motherhood and all the incredible work that caregivers do.

Rowland says it was "incredibly" important to her to feature Black characters because she didn't grow up with books that featured characters like her or her mom. "Seeing a Black woman on a construction site and creating this world that she makes for others to enjoy, is just incredibly powerful," the author says. "Because kids can think bigger and broader when it comes to occupation.

Always With You, Always With Me provides much-needed comfort for children whose caregivers work outside the home,” Kelly and Jessica’s loving words instill confidence in kids that they can thrive, no matter the distance from their loved ones.

The book is illustrated by Fanny Liam and published by Viking Children’s Books,  can be found on Amazon and Penguin.

ABC News Correspondent and bestselling author Linsey Davis have a new children’s book, {How High is Heaven?},  which discusses the hard topics of loss and life after death. During a plane-ride conversation with her son, the little boy was upset because he couldn't see his grandma and asked to Visit her in Heaven. So Davis Wrote a Kids' Book to Help Her Son Find 'Solace' After dead.

Davis talks to PEOPLE about the inspiration behind her latest picture book, she hopes it helps other parents navigate similar conversations about deceased loved ones with their kids. It's a topic that feels more important than ever during and after COVID, as more and more children lose their primary caregivers.

This is a lighter way to be joyful and uplifting and tell the good news in a way  I hope kids and parents will appreciate." says Davis.

Linsey Davis is also the author of The World Is Awake: A celebration of everyday blessings

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