Dark & Lovely Brand Creates Scholarship Initiative for Black Women

Dark & Lovely, the hair care brand, commemorates its 50th anniversary with scholarships for collegial black women — as part of a larger project led by the brand dubbed  Building Beautiful Futures in partnership with DC-based College Gurl Foundation—mission rooted in providing scholarship opportunities for first-generation students from low-income. Through the effort, it aims to develop education and career pathways for 16,000 young Black women over the next four years. As per the celebration, 50 endowments will be awarded.

The initiative is a multi-year commitment that will help bring educational and career equity to Black, female college students and young professionals by doing such its aims to tackle socioeconomic factors contributing to the opportunity gap via scholarships, mentorship and career coaching. The scholarships are open to Black women earning degrees at accredited colleges or universities in the U.S, having entrepreneurial aspirations, and making an impact in their communities. 

Applications are open now through November, apply HEREFor more details visit HypeHair and NAACP


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