Naomi Osaka Introduces her 1st Children's Book Release, 'The Way Champs Play' via Hana Kuma

Tennis superstar, a four-time major champion and former world No. 1  Naomi Osaka Following in the footsteps of other superstar athletes like Serena Williams and Stephen Curry, announced via her Instagram the launching of her first children’s book, The Way Champs Play, published by HarperCollins via Hana Kuma, her co-owned media company, built in partnership with NBA star LeBron James. 

The book brings Osaka's lessons from her many years on the tennis court to young readers, particularly girls, hoping to get into sports. The Way Champs Play focuses on the virtues that playing sports can teach young children, such as patience, determination, and sportsmanship

“The leadership, confidence, teamwork, and resilience I’ve learned on the court have been so valuable to me and that’s why I am so excited about my new book,” Osaka said in a release.

The upcoming picture book, The Way Champs Play,  illustrated by Kamala Nair, will be published on December 6th. Osaka said a portion of the proceeds would go towards her Play Academy foundation.


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