Afrodisiaque - One Women Show by Maryline Chery

As part of the ongoing programming of Black History Month, a one-women show by actress and artist Maryline Chery is presented. Featuring controversial observations about black women's hair.


Dans le cadre de la programmation continue du mois de 'histoire des Noire Un one women show par actrice et artiste Maryline Chery est présenter. Méttant en vedettes les milles et une observations sur les cheveux de la femme noire.       


What is it about black, brown or mixed women’s hair that attracts us so much? AFRODISIAQUE is a conversation, a reflection, a wound and a healing of our silenced roots. This one-woman show gives voice to afro hair. Sometimes magical or tragic: through many bodies, stories and words come and meet Rhizome.

AFRODISIAQUE is a theatrical one-woman show that demonstrates how the texture of black, brown and mixed women’s hair has an influence and an incident on how they are perceived and treated in today’s society.

This performance will be performed in French. Presented the 9th  to 17th February at  Maison Culturelle et Communautaire de Montréal-Nord (MCC) For more see Montreal Events and Le point de vente.

Playwright and Actress: Maryline Chery
Director: Lydie Dubuisson
Co-Set Designers: Sandrina Sparagna & Darah Miah
Costume Designer: Sandrina Sparagna
Lighting Designer: Darah Miah

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