Meet Super Sema An African Animated Kids Superhero Series By Lupita Nyong’o | Official Trailer

Groundbreaking series on many levels, Super Semma an African Animated Kids Superhero Series debuts on YouTube Originals by executive producer Lupita Nyong’o. It is produced by Nairobi-based,  children’s edutainment studio Kukuaa, a female-led team. The show is set entirely in Africa, and all the voice artists are from Kenya.

Super Sema. An Afro-futuristic animation series: Time to Change the World see more on their website or instagram. View more on their Youtube Chanel

Set in an Afro-futuristic world, Super Sema is an exciting roller coaster of daring adventures, STEM inventions and kid-power to save the village from a heartless AI Robot.


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